ACI Expert Consortium

For big scale commercial projects such as the PANDORA FACTORY or GROHE FACTORY 3 we establish an expert project consortium to propose the best possible project with all requested international certifications for the customer. Together with the very best experts in the field we evaluate the initial briefing and select what specialized companies we invite to this expert project consortium.

Then we create a taskforce with workplans for each expert team to develop winning proposals for their field of expertise. When all is complete, we compile and streamline the expert documents to a homogenous proposal and presentation. Based on the customer’s feedback we modify and extend the proposal until we are ready to win the project against the best in the industry.

When the project is awarded to our dedicated expert project consortium, we commence with design and planning together with the principal’s project teams. That ensures that all customer- and project specific aspects such as sustainability, efficiency, workflow, material processing systems, etc. are correctly implemented from the onset.

When we commence the construction phase, we make sure that all pre-construction work is approved, all project funds are allocated and our project management team is briefed for their mission. We plan, monitor and control quality, efficiency of each part of the construction, in order to build according to plan and meet all milestones and deadlines.

The result is an outstanding project with certification awards that have been designed into the project.

  • Evaluate the principal’s project briefing
  • Meet with the principal
  • Introduce our expert project consortium approach
  • Select the best experts to join the consortium
  • Establish contracts with each expert company
  • Build a taskforce to produce winning proposals
  • Conduct project proposal meetings
  • Compile and streamline all to one proposal
  • Conduct presentation meetings
  • Coordinate proposal adjustments
  • Get the final proposal approved by the principal
  • Negotiate all contracts for the consortium
  • Negotiate and coordinate all legal aspects
  • Close the contract and allocate project funds
  • Invite and coordinate participating experts for all aspects such as sustainability, efficiency, workflow, material processing systems, etc. to provide their input in the early stage
  • Design development and proposals by the consortium architect
  • Joint design presentation meetings
  • Design adjustments together with the principal’s project taskforce
  • Design and masterplan approval
  • Develop detail plans
  • Compile all BoQ and tender documents
  • Invite for construction tender / offer
  • Evaluate all offers together with the principal
  • Award construction and project management contracts

   Monitor and report on:

  • Project management
  • Construction status
  • Milestone achievements
  • Critical deadlines
  • Design and quality deviations
  • Certification award progress
  • Consult with the expert project consortium
  • Initiate adjustments - where needed
  • Contractor and consortium payments

   Monitor and assess:

  • Project commissioning
  • Customized add-ons
  • Project handover
  • Maintenance procedures
  • International certifications
  • Sustainability and efficiency


    On standby for any future requests

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